Road Districts

Larimer County Road and Bridge Department

In 1968, the Larimer County Board of Commissioners authorized General Improvement Districts (GIDs) and Public Improvement Districts (PIDs) for roads and established a Mil levy for road maintenance. In 1975, the Larimer County Commissioners accepted the responsibility of maintaining four roads in Pinewood Springs: Kiowa from US-36 to the bridge, Deer Lane, Mohawk, and Apache. 

To report an issue on Larimer County maintained roads, submit an online form on the Larimer County website:


 The Pinewood Springs Road Board is seeking
                 two new board members.

Qualifications include:
 - Resident of Pinewood Springs
 - Available a few hours a month
 - Available the first Tuesday of alternate months for meetings
 - Enthusiasm for contributing to our community

Not required: Any particular knowledge about roads.

Additional information about the Board:
 - It is all volunteer.
 - It is comprised of 5 persons with assignments of Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Road Supervisor, and Member-at-large.
 - It oversees the maintenance and snow-plowing functions of PWS Road Maintenance, Inc.
 - It takes on road projects in the community as needed and appropriate.
 - It also contracts with an outside vendor for more extensive work on the roads.
 - It is an advisory body to the Larimer County Board of Commissioners.

If you are interested in serving your community please contact
Martijn Bolster, [email protected].

Pinewood Springs Road District - GID #2

The developers of Pinewood Springs maintained Pinewood Springs roads until June 1972, when community residents began maintenance with help and equipment from the Fire District. Pinewood Springs was designated a General Improvement District (GID #2) once all landowners had placed their properties into the District and the Road Board was formed.

The Road Board is comprised of five people, with members elected for four-year terms. Every two years, the terms of two or three board members end. Vacant seats are filled by an election process as directed by Larimer County and the Road Board By-Laws. The Board meets bi-monthly on the first Tuesday of even months at 7:00 PM at the Fire Station & Community Center.

The Road Board contracts with Bladeworks, Inc. for tasks requiring heavy equipment, particularly in the spring, and also directs Pinewood Springs Road Maintenance, Inc., ("the road crew") in light repairs and snow removal.

Pinewood Springs GID #2 Road Board Meeting will be held on
Tuesday, April 2, 2024, at 7:00 PM.
This meeting will be held in the Fire Station Community Center meeting room.
Pinewood Springs GID #2 - Road Board Contacts
To report an issue on PWS-maintained roads, contact:
Dave Andrews - Road Supervisor at [email protected].
Martijn Bolster - Chair at [email protected].

Larimer County Boards and Commissions - Pinewood Springs GID #2
Board member information and important documents can be found on the Larimer County website: 

Pinewood Springs GID #2
Road Board
Meeting Minutes

February 6, 2024

August 1, 2023

June 6, 2023

April 4, 2023

February 7, 2023

December 6, 2022 meeting canceled
October 4, 2022

August 2, 2022

July 12, 2022
April 5, 2022
March 1, 2022
February 1, 2022

Estes Park Estates
Road District PID #25

The Estes Park Estates Road Board meets as needed. The Estes Park Estates Public Improvement District
(PID #25)
has a Property Owners Association for snow removal and a tax-supported PID for road maintenance. They also contract with Bladeworks, Inc. for heavier work.

EPE Road Board Contacts
Board member information and important documents can be found on the Larimer County website:

General Road Information:

● The County designates the Pinewood Springs Valley roads as “closed mountain roads.” The speed limit is 20 mph unless otherwise posted.
● Speeding is a significant problem. Speeding endangers residents, particularly children, as well as wildlife in the community.
● Speed also damages the roads causing washboards (ripples in the gravel) which increase wear and tear on cars.
● Snow is plowed on major roads first and then side roads. Unlike paved roads, not all snow can be removed from gravel roads without damaging the roads. Roads often become icy as a result.
● Roads are narrow with compromised visibility. Pedestrians are advised to walk on the left facing oncoming traffic for more visibility.
● By State law, uphill traffic has right-of-way. Pedestrians must be alert to uphill traffic as well, so that drivers may avoid having to stop. Backing downhill on icy roads can be dangerous.
● Large delivery and moving trucks may need to be met near the mailboxes and goods transported in smaller vehicles from there.
● Barrels of gravel, maintained by the road crew for resident use, are placed by sections of road that often become icy in winter.
● Access/egress from homes may be impaired in winter; be prepared with stored food. Electric service may also be compromised in inclement weather conditions.
● Larimer County requires that each property owner install a 15” culvert at the entrance to their property and keep it open and in good repair. The property owner is responsible for drainage around the culvert as well. This prevents run-off and road erosion, which increases the expense of maintaining the roads. Larimer County further mandates access to rights-of-way on private property for road work.
● Telephone, internet, and water lines are buried in many locations at varying depths. Call the Northern Colorado Utility Locate service at 811, before digging, putting in culverts, or grading ditches.
● The Larimer County Road District in Fort Collins must approve all digging in county roads.
● No ATVs or other unlicensed vehicles are permitted on Pinewood Springs and Estes Park Estates roads per Colorado Code 33-145-108.
● Water lines usually run in the easement along roads. Should a leak occur in that area, any plantings or fences may need to be removed to reach and repair the leak.